Version Date: July 28th 2023

As a partner of Torvonic Studios, you agreee to these terms and pricing rates that have been mentioned and explained to you. If you have any questions, please reach out to Quincy Whittaker at 385-344-9378 for further details and explanations. If you wish to dispute this transaction, the product provided will be revoked and taken as company property belonging to Torvonic Studios LLC.


Torvonic Studios provides its services during the specified hours of operation, which are from 8:00am to 6:00pm Mountain Standard Time (MST) on regular business days (Monday-Friday). The services offered by Torvonic Studios include but are not limited to graphic design, video production, web development, and other related creative services.


In the event that a Client requires services from Torvonic Studios during the weekend, defined as Saturday and Sunday, the following conditions shall apply:

a. Torvonic Studios may, at its sole discretion, provide services during the weekends. However, it is important to note that weekend availability is subject to the studio’s staff and resources’ availability, and it is not guaranteed.

b. Should a Client require urgent services during the weekend, where urgency is defined as a request that cannot be postponed until the next regular business day, Torvonic Studios reserves the right to charge double the standard rate for the services provided. The determination of whether a request qualifies as urgent shall be at the discretion of Torvonic Studios.

c. Prior to providing services during the weekend, Torvonic Studios and the Client shall mutually agree on the scope of work, timeline, and applicable charges. This agreement shall be documented in writing, either through email communication or a formal addendum to the original contract.

d. Invoices for services provided during the weekend, including urgent requests, shall be issued promptly after the completion of the work. The Client agrees to make payment within 5 days of receiving the invoice. Failure to make timely payment may result in additional fees and suspension of future services until all outstanding amounts are settled. 

e. Torvonic Studios shall not be held liable for any delays or unavailability of services during the weekend that may arise due to unforeseen circumstances, technical issues, or any other events beyond the studio’s control. In such cases, Torvonic Studios shall make reasonable efforts to inform the Client promptly and offer alternative solutions whenever possible.

f. Torvonic Studios reserves the right to discontinue providing services during the weekend without any prior notice. However, in such an event, the studio shall make reasonable efforts to fulfill any ongoing commitments and provide timely communication to the affected Clients.

g. Any modifications or amendments to the terms and conditions stated herein must be agreed upon in writing and signed by both parties. No oral agreements or understandings shall be considered binding.

h. This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Utah, without regard to its conflict of law principles. Any disputes arising out of or relating to this contract shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in United States, Utah.


Any requests sent requre a minimum of 48 working hours to complete, regardless of the complexity. For requests that are more “complex” a minimum of one week is required.



For these requests (outside of the original website build and project) a flat rate of $100.00 USD is charged hourly. A base price of 50$ will be charged on top of the hourly rate. For any weekend work or requests after 6:00pm, you will be charged double the hourly rate ($200.00 USD).



The monthly maintenance package offered by Torvonic Studios aims to help clients save costs and maintain the optimal performance of their websites. The package includes, but is not limited to, the following services:


1. Monthly Website Updates: Torvonic Studios will perform regular updates to the client’s website on a monthly basis, ensuring that all content, images, and information remain up-to-date.

2. Monthly Maintenance and Security Updates: The package covers essential maintenance tasks, including regular checks and updates to ensure the website’s security and functionality are maintained at their highest level.

3. Re-Optimizations and Monthly Bug Testing: Torvonic Studios will conduct regular re-optimizations of the website to enhance its performance and speed. Additionally, monthly bug testing will be carried out to identify and resolve any issues that may arise.

4. Theme Updates: The maintenance package includes updates to the website’s theme, ensuring compatibility with the latest web standards and technologies.

5. Plugin Updates: Torvonic Studios will update all relevant plugins utilized on the website to their latest versions, improving functionality and enhancing user experience.

6. WooCommerce Updates: For clients with an e-commerce platform integrated into their website, Torvonic Studios will perform updates to WooCommerce, ensuring smooth and secure online transactions.


As part of the monthly maintenance package, clients will receive 5 free hours of service each month. These hours can be utilized for urgent requests and emergencies during and after regular working hours. Torvonic Studios will make reasonable efforts to address urgent requests promptly.

The monthly maintenance package does NOT cover content updates as this falls into the hourly rate.

The monthly maintenance package is commonly referred to as “Website Insurance” as it offers clients peace of mind knowing that their website’s maintenance and security needs are being diligently managed by professionals.



a. Content Updates: Clients are advised that the monthly maintenance package does not cover regular content updates to the website. Content updates, including changes to text, images, or multimedia elements, are considered separate services and will be billed at the hourly rate.

b. Advanced Customizations: While the maintenance package covers regular updates and bug testing, any advanced customizations or significant alterations to the website’s design or functionality may require additional consultation and may incur separate charges. Torvonic Studios will provide detailed estimates for such customizations upon request.



a. The monthly maintenance package shall be effective from the date of acceptance by the Client and shall continue on a monthly basis unless terminated by either party.

b. Termination of the monthly maintenance package by the Client must be provided in writing with a notice period of 30 days prior to the next billing cycle.

c. Torvonic Studios reserves the right to terminate the maintenance package with a notice period of 5 days in the event of breach of contract, non-payment, or any other reasonable cause.

This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Utah, without regard to its conflict of law principles. Any disputes arising out of or relating to this contract shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in United States, Utah.


Torvonic Studios requires a minimum of one month to complete any website build. This timeframe encompasses the entire design process, including discussions and interactions between the client and designer, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements and to deliver a high-quality end product within the specified timeframe.

For websites comprising more than 5 pages, an additional week is added to the minimum duration for each page beyond the initial 5 pages. This extension allows for meticulous attention to detail and seamless integration of each page to ensure a cohesive and well-functioning website.

Throughout the website build process, Torvonic Studios shall establish clear milestones and deliverables to keep the client informed of progress. Timely feedback from the client during the design and development stages is crucial for meeting the project timeline effectively.

The starting price for website builds offered by Torvonic Studios is set at $1,000.00 USD. This initial cost includes the initial consultations and discussions with the client to outline project objectives and requirements.

For each additional page required beyond the initial 5 pages, an extra charge of $600.00 USD per page shall apply. A “page” is defined as a unique and distinct document on the Internet that can be viewed in its entirety without leaving the applicable URL address.

For websites incorporating eCommerce capabilities, an additional 3 weeks shall be required in addition to the base time frame. The complexity involved in setting up secure online transactions, product listings, payment gateways, and other related features necessitates the extra duration to ensure a smooth and reliable eCommerce functionality. During the extra 3-week period, Torvonic Studios will work closely with the client to customize the eCommerce features to align with the specific needs and branding of the client’s business. Frequent communication and collaboration will be encouraged to deliver an eCommerce platform that meets the client’s expectations and requirements.

Timely Response: 
The client agrees to provide prompt responses to inquiries and requests for feedback from Torvonic Studios during the website build process. Delays in providing essential information or feedback may result in adjustments to the project timeline.

Content and Assets:
The client shall be responsible for supplying all necessary content, images, logos, and other assets required for the website build. Timely delivery of these materials is essential to maintain the agreed-upon timeline.

Change Requests and Amendments:
Any changes or modifications to the original project scope, including additional pages, functionalities, or features, must be communicated to Torvonic Studios in writing. Torvonic Studios will provide an estimate for the additional work, and a written agreement on the revised scope and cost must be reached before proceeding.

Termination and Cancellation:
Termination by Client: In the event that the client decides to terminate the website build project after the commencement of work, the client shall be responsible for payment of any services provided up to the termination date, as well as any applicable cancellation fees.

Termination by Torvonic Studios: Torvonic Studios reserves the right to terminate the website build project for any reasonable cause. In such cases, Torvonic Studios will provide a pro-rata refund for any payments made by the client for services not yet rendered.

This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Utah, without regard to its conflict of law principles. Any disputes arising out of or relating to this contract shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in United States, Utah.




Monthly Hosting (partnership plan)

Torvonic Studios offers an affordable hosting alternative with exclusive tools, plugins, and features exclusive to it’s members. 


Subscirbers to the partnership plan will receive exclusive benefits including but not limited to:

1.1 Website Hosting: Torvonic Studios will provide hosting services for the Subscriber’s website.

1.2 SSL Certificate: Torvonic Studios will include an SSL certificate to ensure secure communication between the website and its users.

1.3 Imagify: Subscribers will have access to Imagify, an image optimization tool to enhance website performance.

1.4 WP Rocket: Torvonic Studios will provide WP Rocket, a website optimization plugin, to improve website speed and performance.

1.5 Exclusive Plugins Managed by Torvonic Studios: Subscribers will have access to exclusive plugins that are managed and maintained by Torvonic Studios.

These benefits saves Torvonic’s members an average of $2-3,000 yearly. 




In the event that the Subscriber chooses to cancel their hosting with Torvonic Studios, certain services will be revoked as they are the property of Torvonic Studios. These services include, but are not limited to:


3.1 All Plugins and Extensions Paid by Torvonic Studios: Any plugins or extensions that were provided to the Subscriber by Torvonic Studios will no longer be accessible after the hosting is canceled.

3.2 CDN (Content Delivery Network): The Subscriber will no longer have access to the Content Delivery Network used for website content distribution.

3.3 Image Optimization Tools: Image optimization tools offered by Torvonic Studios will no longer be available.

3.4 Website Optimization Tools: The website optimization tools provided under the Plan will be revoked upon cancelation.

3.5 Exclusive Plugins Managed by Torvonic Studios: Any exclusive plugins managed by Torvonic Studios will be deactivated upon cancelation.

The Subscriber acknowledges that the exclusive tools, plugins, and features offered by Torvonic Studios can directly impact the visual aspect of the website. Torvonic Studios is not responsible for any broken layouts, visual errors, or bugs that may arise from discontinuing or servering its hosting services and related tools.


Torvonic Studios will continue to provide a Divi Activiation Key for one year after the website is transfered to another domain.